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From Despair to Hope!

My name is Joanna Early, and my addiction started at the age of 26 after being diagnosed with lupus. Before that, I had only dabbled with alcohol and marijuana when I was younger. I was introduced to OxyContin, and from that moment on, I was in love. In the beginning, I was able to keep it together, but eventually, I convinced my husband to try it with me.
We were functioning addicts for many years until the day came when we tried the needle. Our lives began to unravel quickly until finally, our drug use took a toll on our marriage, and we separated.
Today, my life looks very different than it did seven years ago. I am a woman of God, a wife, mother of three wonderful children, and a grandmother of five beautiful babies.
My name is Ed Early and that was me up until February 14th, 2013. On that day I walked into Isaiah House and began a new life. One free of the chains that had bound me for so long. I had lost it all my wife, kids, family, job, and my freedom. But by God’s grace, I was given one more chance and Isaiah House was put in my path.
After 27 years of addiction, 14 arrests, 60 months in prison or jail, two overdoses, and countless days of pain and misery for both me and all my family, I was finally free. Isaiah House gave me hope and a future! But most of all it gave me the opportunity to build a relationship with my Lord and Savior.

Today, Ed and Joanna Early maintain their sobriety, work for Isaiah House, and are proud to serve the Lord!


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“Isaiah House saved my life. They work with you, advocate for you, and love you until you can love yourself again.” – Ashley

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